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NAPM Strategic Focus Area: Mail Prep and Entry
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Changes to mail preparation and entry rules can have a significant adverse impact on users of the mail, including increased costs, loss of price discount eligibility, and increased resource/time utilization.  Conversely, some changes in mail preparation and entry rules can have a positive impact on users of the mail by reducing complexity, eliminating unnecessary requirements, leveraging use of technology to reduce preparation/entry costs, and increasing eligibility for pricing discounts. 


NAPM supports mail preparation and entry changes that have a positive impact on its members while working to minimize those that can have an adverse impact on its members. 


NAPM works to influence business process changes to leverage  existing and emerging technologies to improve the value of using mail and increase operational efficiencies to keep costs low.


NAPM promotes business practices that provide standardization and consistency in mail processing so that more effective processes can be developed in the future.


Here are some of the current mail preparation and entry initiatives NAPM is focusing on:


  • Elimination of Meter Re-Dating.  NAPM worked with USPS to simplify mailing acceptance business processes by eliminating the need to re-date metered mailings. This saves a mailer money every time they would have had to re-date a mailing. 
  • Commingling Programs and Options.  Commingling mail allows users who cannot qualify for deeper discounts or would like to increase their volumes (within their existing budgets) to do so. NAPM is pushing for the USPS to allow a share mail process that would let mailers exchange mail with each other to obtain finer depths of sort which means lower prices. NAPM also is working with the USPS to test a third party co-palletization concept for commingled mail. 

  • Bundle-Based Flats.  NAPM is working with the USPS and industry on a bundle-based flats preparation method.  At present, both USPS and industry software is not yet ready for a live test of this preparation.
  • Village Acceptance Concept.  NAPM continually works with the USPS to identify and remove outdated business processes to drive down costs both for the USPS and mailers and provide more savings to the user.  We advocate use of industry capabilities to reduce USPS processing costs.  Many NAPM members engage in the same activities that the USPS does with mail in terms of pick-up, processing, ensuring it is compliant with USPS rules and prepared in the most efficient manner for the deepest mail entry possible, which reduces USPS costs and improves delivery service. NAPM is working with the USPS on a business process concept (Village Acceptance) similar to the Village Post Office concept the USPS has implemented, but where mail service providers would take many smaller mailings and consolidate them into larger mailings, thereby reducing USPS processing and mail acceptance labor costs.