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NAPM Pricing Focus Area More Info
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One of the many areas NAPM focuses on is USPS pricing. Whether a Mailing Services Provider or a business in-sourcing their own mail, affordable postage is of significant concern and postage discounts, workshare and incentive, are important to our members’ bottom line.

For more in-depth information on NAPM’s ongoing activities on pricing initiatives, see the list below and click on the links.

Supporting Pricing Flexibility.  NAPM works to influence the USPS to use its pricing flexibility to encourage use of the most profitable mail products and incent behaviors that will keep mail an affordable and effective medium of business communications.


Credit Promotion Price Adjustment.  NAPM was an active participant in proceedings and discussions concerning the USPS’ proposed "IMb Tech Credit,” and advocated on its members’ behalf their concerns with the design of the Tech Credit incentive.  While NAPM supported the concept of the Tech Credit, it raised concerns about the USPS’ plan to handle the cost of the incentive which would have a negative long-term impact on mailers.  The subsequent PRC ruling approved the Tech Credit promotion but denied the USPS request to use its rate cap authority to pay for it, which was in keeping with NAPM’s position.  [PRC Docket R2013-6]


            5/24/13 Comments of NAPM (in collaboration with NPPC, MMA, and AMEE)

            1/7/13   Comments of NAPM and Survey


Review of PRC’s Price Cap Rules.  NAPM has submitted testimony to the PRC concerning its review of the price cap rules. [PRC Docket R2013-2]


          5/16/24 Comments of NAPM


Pricing Changes.  NAPM keeps watch on PRC filings (including the Annual Price Determinants) and provides feedback and empirical testimony/comments to try and keep prices affordable and operational costs to the Postal Service low.  We encourage use of private sector capabilities to increase the profitability of their products to the Postal Service.  In addition, NAPM is an active participant in PRC proceedings concerning workshare discounts and methodologies and has submitted extensive testimony in support of the value of workshare.


R2013-1 Notice of Market-Dominant Price Adjustment


                        11/2/12 Comments of NAPM


ACR 2011 Annual Compliance Report, 2011


                        2/3/12 Comments of NAPM (with DMA and PSA)

                        2/3/12 Comments of NAPM (with DMA, MMA, NPPC and PSA)


R2012-3 Notice of Market-Dominant Price Adjustment


                        11/7/11 Comments of NAPM (with DMA, MFSA, NPPC and PSA)

                        11/7/11 Comments of NAPM


 NAPM has been an active participant in discussions and proceedings concerning any potential exigent price increase and has advocated on behalf of its members in opposition to an exigent price increase in the current environment.


NAPM members are concerned about how the IMb Full-Service mandate for 2014 might impact the current Full-Service price discount, and how the incentive discount and automation prices will be impacted in the case of a mail quality deficiency.  [See NAPM’s summary of IMb Full-Service concerns and activities.]


NAPM is pushing for the USPS to implement VAR for flat sized mailings to enable more of that mail to get into the IMb Full Service and commingled mailing mail stream.