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Why Join NAPM 

If you are looking to understand Postal Commercial prices, reduce your postage costs through presort discounts, improve your business mailing effectiveness, or stay connected with Postal Service changes then the National Association of Presort Mailers is one of the best business decisions you can make. Because NAPM represents a significant percentage of the presort mail industry, we're able to offer our members significant advantages such as:

  • Advocacy – Representing a signifcant part of the presort mail industry means we have significant leverage and the USPS listens to us. We go to bat for our members for issues pertaining to protecting workshare pricing, regulatory and policy issues, process and procedure improvement and even helping to solve your mailing and acceptance problems.
  •  Education – Because of our access to USPS, we are able to provide an unsurpassed level of education on the latest industry and postal developments, help members understand and comply with all mailing standards, give advance warning on policy or process changes and inform on the best business practices for successfully navigating the presort mailing industry.
  •  Information – NAPM provides information on the biggest industry and postal events, provides data on industry trends and even gives members a clearer understanding of the Postal Service's strategic vision.
  •  Networking – Members of NAPM have greater access to peers, industry professionals and Postal management thanks to the number of industry and NAPM-only events.
  • Support – NAPM walks side by side with our members to provide support for overcoming challenges, addressing issues, improving processes, diversifying their business and implementing new technologies as well as helping find new business opportunities.

The fact is, NAPM's primary focus is improving the industry and helping our members to operate their businesses more effectively. This commitment has allowed us to continue to grow as an organization and increase our relationship with the USPS year after year. Not sure if NAPM is right for you? Give us a call today and let's discuss how NAPM can help you improve your business communication and mailing needs.

You can sign up by selecting Join at the top of the web page or continue to explore our web site for more information about the value of the NAPM to your business. For assistance, quesions or additional information about the NAPM you can also contact Cassandra Hancock at 800-500-6276 (office); or email: or Bob Galaher at 877-620-6276 (office) or email: