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Select A Membership Category

Please review the descriptions below to determine what membership category applies to your company. Once you have identified your category select it at the bottom of the page to continue the registration process. You can select one of the bookmarks to direct you to a specific category to read about.

Mail Service Provider...  Vendor Member...  Contributor Member...

If you have any questions or need assistance in determining your category please contact either Cassandra Hancock at (800) 500-6276 / or Bob Galaher (877) 620-6276 / for assistance.

Membership Categories

Association membership is open for all businesses or individuals who regularly use bulk mailings as a medium of communications for their business or have an interest in the use of USPS commercial mail products eligible for discounted prices. These commercial prices (commonly referred to as work share or presort discounts) are only available for mailings prepared or presorted according to Postal mailing standards or other authorized Postal programs.

Our memberships are for mail users who prepare their own mailings or use mailing agents or service providers to prepare the mailings, mailing agents/service providers who prepare mail for their customers, vendors who provide the technology and equipment to the industry, and those who are interested in the changes and advancement of the mailing industry.

We offer three member categories:

Mail Service Provider: mail users and mailing agents who regularly submit presorted mail to the USPS;

Vendor: companies who provide technology and equipment for the mailing industry;

Contributing: companies and individuals who have an interest in keeping up with Postal Service product, pricing and policy changes and mailing industry trends, or support NAPM objectives but do not fit one of the above categories.

Mailing Service Provider

Mailing Service Provider members are firms, corporations or individuals (mail users or mailing service providers) that regularly submit presorted mail to the USPS. There are two subcategories of Mail Service Provider; Insourced – a mailer who prepares and submits presort mailings for only their own company or organization, and Commercial – a mailer (or agent) who prepares and submits presort mailings for customers or clients of their company.

Vendor Members

Vendor Members are firms, corporations or individuals who provide goods or services to the presort mailing industry and support the presort mailing industry and this Association. Vendor member dues are based on the annual revenues generated by the company (refer to table 2). Vendor members shall have the opportunity to promote their goods and service to the members at meetings of the members and via other methods provided from time to time by the Association. Non-vendor members shall not be allowed the same opportunities. Vendor members have the same voting privileges as a Presort Member.

Contributing Members

Contributing members are firms, corporations, or individuals who are interested in the advancement of the presort industry and support the Association in meeting its purpose and objectives but do not either; provide goods or services to the presort industry, or regularly prepare and enter presorted mail with the USPS. Contributing members are parties who want to support the purpose and objectives of our Association without direct involvement in meetings, elections, or the development of policy. Contributing members do not have voting privileges and are not eligible for election to the Board of Directors or as officers of the Association. While not entitled to vote, such members will be kept fully informed of the Association's position and progress on postal issues. Those qualifying as Mail Service Provider or Vendor members are not eligible to use the Contributing member category.