Mail Decisions

Things To Consider


Many people use the Internet to learn about saving on postage costs or preparing bulk mailings for postage discounts. However, determining the best mailing option for your organization depends on a number of different factors. Some key considerations are:

  • Mail characteristics and volume;
  • Mail patterns – frequency, distribution, concentration of delivery ZIP codes;
  • Regulations (Postal and Federal) and consumer protections;
  • The benefits of mail tracking capabilities; and
  • The cost-benefit of in-house labor and equipment versus an external mailing service provider solution.

Bulk mailing can be an expensive proposition, and while postage is the largest contributor to the overall costs of mail it's not the only cost.

Outsource vs. In-House

Organizations have two choices for mailing, the "do-it-yourself” approach (commonly referred to as in-house or in-sourced mailing) or outsourcing your mail to a mailing services provider (a mail house or presort service bureau). Your decision on the best method for your business depends on how much time and resources you are willing to spend on your mailings.

The rules and procedures for obtaining postage discounts are varied and complex. The mailing industry is constantly changing; from mailing trends and presort equipment, to software and electronic solutions. So unless you are willing to commit time, manpower and energy to the mailing needs of your organization, our first recommendation would be to contact one of the many professional mailing service provider members of the National Association Presort Mailers (NAPM) and have a conversation with them.

Our member mailing service providers have expert customer service teams that will listen to what your business' mailing or communications needs are and offer a variety of options to achieve them. They will provide you with the simplest, convenient, and most effective way to meet your mailing needs while enjoying reduced postage costs.

Benefits of outsourcing include:

  • Cost Savings: No internal costs on labor, software or capital investments
  • Logistics: Many mailers will pick up your mail at your business or coordinate with your printer to receive and process your mailings according to your expectations,
  • No Involvement with USPS: Outsourcing your mail usually results in the service provider dealing with the USPS directly, leaving you to manage your business.
  • Minimal Resources: You do not need dedicated mailing resources necessary to prepare mailings and stay abreast of the rapidly changing postal requirements
To find out more about more please visit our Mailing Options: Outsource Mail Service Provider section.
Conducting your business mailing needs using an in-house operation is another way you can receive postage discounts. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer, your company/organization requires mailings to be developed in-house, or you are looking to get into the mailing service supplier business, you will need to dedicate significant time and resources to ensure you meet the mailing requirements necessary to realizing the postage discounts.
If you've decided to do your bulk mailings in-house or are getting into the mailing business, you may find that you need mailing equipment or software to realize the best discounts. In this case we recommend that you contact one of our professional vendor services provider members who will listen to you, analyze your needs, and supply you with the best options to accomplishing your mailing objectives. You can also visit our Mailing Options:In-house section for a high-level understanding of the process and links to some USPS information and aids.
NAPM for Your Business
The NAPM is a nonprofit trade association of firms concerned with postal worksharing programs, especially discounts for presorted, automated mail. We offer our members a variety of services that benefit their businesses that subsequently benefits yours. Our services include but are not limited to: Advocacy, Information and Education, Industry Networking, and Solutions & Support. Please go to our About Us section to see how we are a great business decision you can make regarding your business mailing needs.