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Active Committees

NAPM Active Committees

Standing Committees


Annual Conference Committee

Committee Chair: Andy Phillips, Midwest Direct; Ph: 216-251-2500, e-mail:

The Annual Conference committee is a standing committee of the Board for the planning and execution of the NAPM Annual Membership Meeting to be held each year. The annual meeting is required by NAPM bylaws for the express purpose of holding an annual business meeting with the members of the NAPM. Since this is a large multi-day event hosted in various parts of the country, there is a lot of effort required to accomplish the event. The committee starts planning meetings in late summer and the meeting frequency and intensity increases through the fall and winter until the event date. Activities include everything from property selection to meeting theme, format, and event planning, to notification and registrations.


Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Jamie Freeman, TC Delivers; Ph: 407-855-8262, e-mail:

The Membership committee is a standing committee of the Board for the management of the NAPM membership business functions. The committee is responsible for membership acquisition and retention and providing our members with assistance regarding their membership benefits, standing, or concerns. The committee is responsible for the development and management of membership definition, dues and services pricing, member services, service/offering development, and designed to provide a channel of communication among members of the association regarding regulation, policies, plans and actions of the association.


Member Education and Information Committee

Committee Chair (all Members): Mark Kolb, United Mailing Services; Ph: 262-783-7868, e-mail:

The Education and Information committee is a standing committee of the Board responsible for the development and management of member education and information services. Because of the diverse nature of our member's business operations the NAPM utilizes two chairpersons for this committee. One chair focuses on the education and informational needs for the general membership and the second chair focuses on the needs of our small business members. The committee is responsible for the development and dissemination of information and educational services for our members to remain current in industry and US Postal service changes. The committee uses Internet messaging, telecom, and webinar mediums to deliver information and educational presentations to the membership. They use standing monthly meetings (general membership) and each quarter there is a small business member meeting designed to address specific areas of the smaller business member. The committee is responsible for the development of meeting agendas, meeting materials, obtaining presenters (USPS, Industry, subject matter, or member speakers), and facilitation of the sessions. The committee also evaluates participation reports to develop additional member needs, and ensures the posting of information and educational materials to NAPM website.


Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Chair: Rich Gebbie, Mid-West Presort Mailing Services; Ph: 216-251-2500, e-mail:

The Strategic Planning committee is a standing committee of the Board for the management of industry and Postal changes that can impact member (our industry segment) business interests and the development new or innovative business models to further the role of presort mail service providers in the supply chain. As a general principle the committee is focused on pursuing efforts that increase the potential market share of service providers and create more workshare discount opportunity while minimizing the costs to the mailer to address Postal Service requirement changes. The committee heads up and coordinates efforts to respond to Postal Federal Register notices and Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) sessions and establishes ad-hoc sub-committees to focus on business developments in the interests of our industry segment. There are currently two active sub-committees working on new business processes; VAR for First Class Mail flats, and Third Party CoPal of combined/commingled mailings with another in the queue – Standard Mail flats presorting on MLOCRs. One major objective of the committee is to work with USPS to help them understand the role the service providers provide in the supply chain and develop initiatives with the USPS to create new services and revenue streams for our industry segment.


Streamlined (Seamless) Acceptance Committee

Committee Chair: Steve Krejcik, PB Presort Services; Ph: 708-485-4764, e-mail:

The Streamlined (Seamless) Acceptance committee was established as standing committee of the Board for the purpose of representing our industry segment needs and managing the potential impacts to our industry and members from this significant Postal change. It is expected that the development and implementation of this new business mailing acceptance and verification process to take several years and so to insure continuity of managing this effort the Board created this special standing committee. This committee engages in the various USPS and MTAC workgroups and finds members willing to participate in USPS requested pilot efforts for functions developed by the Postal Service. The committee evaluates changes proposed by the Postal Service, both from a business process and technical implementation perspective and makes recommendations or influences changes necessary to minimizing the impacts to the mailer.


Ad-Hoc Committees

Under the Strategic Planning committee there are currently two sub-committees focusing on business developments in the interest of our members and industry segment. If you have an interest in participating on any of these committees you should contact the committee chair or co-chair and let them know.

Sub-Committee on MLOCR business and technical gaps

This subcommittee works with our members and the USPS to identify gaps  or business solutions needs in areas of existing mailing requirements and USPS business system to support the direction and changes in the USPS Mail Entry and Payment Technology business function.

Committee Chair: Steve Krejcik, PB Presort Services; Ph: 708-485-4764, 

Committee Co-Chair: Mark Kolb, United Mailing Services; Ph:   262-783-7868,  e-mail: