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Keeping Mail Affordable
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One of NAPM’s key focus areas is working to keep mail affordable — both for senders and receivers of mail.  We are committed to facilitating changes that help keep mail affordable, reliable, and relevant.


Even in an age where digital and mobile are everywhere, recent survey results indicate that the majority of Americans believe a Postal Service is essential to our nation’s public and economic interests, and that it needs to remain a core component of our national communications network.  NAPM members share that belief, and that keeping mail affordable is fundamental to the future success of our postal system.

Here are just some of the ways NAPM works to keep mail affordable:

  • NAPM was a key advocate for CPI price cap mechanisms enacted through postal legislation in 2007 and still in place today.  These caps ensure that the postal prices your business pays do not increase at a rate greater than inflation.

  • Even with the CPI price cap, however, there is much work to be done to ensure that prices for individual mail categories remain affordable and are based on statutory guidelines for postal prices.  NAPM is an active participant in all postal price change proceedings.

  • NAPM works with the USPS and regulators on development of price discounts, incentives, and product sales.

  • Another part of keeping mail affordable is working to ensure that USPS costs are controlled.  NAPM is an active participant in joint USPS-Industry initiatives that identify ways the USPS can reduce costs and improve efficiency, as well as ensuring the USPS understands the impacts of changes in mail preparation and entry on business mailers.