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Adding Value to the Mail
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Keeping mail valuable means ensuring that both the recipient and sender find value in the mail.  NAPM works toward both goals to support the future viability of mail as it competes with other communications and advertising media. 


The more mail in the postal system, the better the prices will be for all since the price of each mail piece has to cover a portion of the USPS’ fixed infrastructure costs.  The lower the total mail volume, the higher that percentage goes.   NAPM is working to grow the value of mail, which translates into more use of the mail and growth within the industry, as well as price stabilization.


Here are just some of the ways NAPM works to add value to mail:


Adding Value to the Sender


NAPM supports USPS services that increase visibility of pieces in the mailstream to senders so that they can track anticipated delivery and more effectively plan follow-up activities.


NAPM works to ensure that postal prices and programs offer affordable mail categories and discounts based on "workshare” and other activities that help reduce the USPS’ costs.


NAPM works with the USPS to improve customer ease of use for mail preparation and entry and reduce complexity of using the mail.  

NAPM promotes business practices that provide standardization and consistency in mail processing so that more effective processes can be developed in the future, thus keeping costs under control and offering improved mail preparation options.  We work with the USPS to identify and eliminate costly outdated business practices which helps reduce costs and increase ease of use and value of using the mail.

NAPM works with the Postal Service to develop ideas to leverage technology to improve the value of mail, increase operational efficiency and control costs.


Adding Value to the Recipient


NAPM works on policies and programs that support advertising and communications targeted to the recipient’s interests.


NAPM supports and encourages use of complete and correct addresses to ensure pieces get to the intended recipient and reduce the USPS’ costs of delivering poorly addressed mail.


NAPM supports and works with the USPS to improve business’ use of creative mailpiece designs, and ensure that the USPS can effectively process and deliver those pieces.