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NAPM Meetings

The NAPM hosts and participates in several different types of meetings throughout the year.


NAPM Annual Conference – The annual conference is a multiday event held at a different location each year where our members gather together to conduct the annual business meeting of the Association. During this event the NAPM presents on the business activities of the association and discuss with the membership the direction and necessary changes necessary to fulfill the NAPM mission and business objectives. . Members will hear from key Industry and Executive Postal speakers who discuss topics relevant to the mailing industry. There are also informational and educational sessions conducted to keep our members informed of Industry and Postal trends and changes and educate members on various aspects of Postal Service mailing requirements and policy changes


NAPM Monthly Member Meetings – The NAPM also hosts monthly members meeting (7 per year) where we will have Postal and Industry speakers discuss changes or new business practices, or spend time "networking” across the membership to discuss relevant issues and solutions or discuss Postal prosed changes and industry trends. Each quarter (4 per year) the Monthly Member Meeting is conducted specifically for our Small Business members to present on or discuss mailing industry related topics centered on the small business mailer's needs. The intended audience for this meeting would be for member businesses meeting the SBA criteria defining a small business.


Quarterly Postal/Industry MTAC Meetings – The NAPM belongs to the Postal Service's Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC). The MTAC is comprised of members from the many different mailing industry associations throughout the country. Each quarter (4 times per year) the MTAC meets at USPS Headquarters in Washington DC to hear the Postal Service's top executives report on the state of the Service and their plans for the future. During this multiday event there are also a variety of working sessions conducted focusing on 4 core business functions of the Postal Service to constructively address and resolve important technical issues, needs, and concerns in these areas. The four focus areas are: Preparation & Entry Operations; Visibility/Service Performance Measurement; Payment and Acceptance; and Product Development. The audience for this meeting is mailing industry association representatives of the associations registered as members of MTAC. For more on MTAC;