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Saving You Time
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The postal industry is changing more rapidly now than ever before.  As the USPS faces unprecedented financial pressures and changing mail volumes, it is aggressively working to cut costs, increase revenues, and innovate to keep pace.  What does that mean for your business?

Did you know that last year alone...

  • The Postal Service put forward over 100 changes in rules impacting the preparation and entry of mail.  And that's not including the many mail preparation and entry changes the USPS makes each year as part of its annual pricing change, or the changes from the USPS' network consolidation efforts, etc.
  • The Postal Service introduced 4 new product "sales” promotions/incentives (which has been expanded to 8-9 per year since then).
  • The Postal Service (as it does every year) filed its request with the Postal Regulatory Commission for price changes impacting over 400 individual domestic postal prices. 
  • The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) considered 369 dockets, including 3 advisory opinions on proposed changes in the nature of postal services; the USPS’ annual pricing change and Annual Compliance Determination; post office/facility closing or consolidations; approval of 56 negotiated service agreements and 144 non-published rate contracts; and 208 post office appeals. 
  • Over 30 pieces of significant legislation were introduced in the House and Senate concerning postal issues. 

If your business did not have time to obtain, review, and understand all these are not alone.  Many businesses today are finding the pace of change on postal-related issues overwhelming and impossible to keep on top of.


Whether you are a heavy user of mail, a supplier or service provider to the mailing industry, or a receiver of mail, changes initiated by the Postal Service have an impact on you.  One of our fundamental roles is to review and decipher those changes, educate our members, understand the impact on their business, and represent our membership’s interests to the Postal Service and other regulators.


NAPM works to save its members time, by keeping watch on the mailing standards, regulatory changes and legislation that impact our members’ ability to effectively use the mail and keep mail valuable and affordable.   Through our newsletter, web site, email and social media communications, we make sure our members are on top of what is coming at them and what it means to their business.


NAPM doesn’t just wait to react to the changes coming from the Postal Service and regulators, we work to deter changes that would negatively impact our members’ business by making sure the Postal Service and postal regulators understand the potential impacts, and making sure our members needs are understood and considered.


Through NAPM, our members have a voice in discussions with the Postal Service and postal regulators about postal issues, rule changes, and strategic direction.  We represent our members’ needs through formal rulemaking comments to the Postal Service and through testimony to the Postal Regulatory Commission.  We communicate regularly with the Postal Service’s senior leadership on our members’ behalf.  We regularly survey our members to be sure we understand their concerns and communicate that information, as well as offering alternative recommendations.