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The NAPM offers a variety of different services and continues to expand them. Our current services include:

  • Membership Assistance
  • Member Advocacy in areas of;
    • Mailing Assistance, and
    • Policy/Procedures, Rule Change, and Pricing.
  • Membership Meetings and Conferences,
  • Education/Training, and
  • Mailing Industry Information.

Some of our services are open to the public but most are only available to the members of NAPM. You will need a login in order to access member only services. The NAPM strives to continuously provide our members with services of value so your feedback is important to us. If you have suggestions or comments about our service offerings or would like to recommend a service we should consider offering please Contact Us and share your ideas.

Membership Assistance – This service is provided to assist our members with membership specific issues or questions they might have. Members can still contact our office through telephone, email, or the Contact Us link at the top of the page if immediate assistance is necessary but we prefer that you reach us through the Membership Issue contact feature. This form is designed to capture information relevant to enabling our staff help you get faster assistance with your question. Using this feature is just as quick as using email and it allows us to establish a resource knowledge database for enhancing our membership processes or developing educational materials for issues we see trending.

Member Advocacy – There are various ways the NAPM advocates for its members, whether it is of a broad nature such as Postal pricing or rule changes to a local situation with having a problem getting your mailing accepted the NAPM is here to assist you. This is where you will find information or status regarding proposed rule changes the NAPM is responding to or collaborating with other industry groups on. This is also where you will find access to forms to request assistance with issues regarding mailing rules or procedures. You can also request assistance in clarifying a particular mailing standard in the DMM. This service is not only designed to assist members with mailing questions or issues but it enables NAPM to identify trending issues we can intervene on and establish a resource knowledge database for future development of educational materials. Members can still contact our office through telephone or email if immediate assistance is necessary but we prefer that you reach us through the Mail Issue contact features. Using this feature is as quick as using email.

Membership Meetings and Conferences – The NAPM conducts various types of member meetings throughout the year to encourage more networking, informational, and educational interactions. We hold an Annual Conference, usually in the winter, where many of our members attend to receive the annual business report, hear Postal and Industry feature speakers discussing the latest in the industry, and attend educational sessions for improving their businesses. We conduct Monthly Member meetings (normally through webinar or telecom) featuring USPS speakers presenting on future or latest changes in the Postal Service, Industry speakers on latest industry trends or best practices, Provide "How To" webinars, or hold open forums to discuss our members concerns or issues. In efforts to keeping information and training relevant across our membership we also hold separate meetings for our small business Mailing Service Provider members focusing on areas of specific interest to their mailing needs.

Education & Training – There are constant changes occurring as the mailing industry transitions into the 21ST Century. Changes are proposed, discussed, implemented or eliminated across many areas of the mailing industry and Postal Service. Everything from new market trends, to Legislative action, to US Postal Service network alignment and new business offerings keeps everyone inundated with information overload. The NAPM is trying to make it easier for those who want to be in the know through our Education and Information services. In our Educational & Training area you can find training and educational materials on how to do things or perform Postal required functions.Here we try and provide members with the materials most relevant to their businesses today. Training materials are arranged by topic to make it easier to locate what you need. 

Information Center – Under our Information Center we post the latest information on imminant and future activities occurring with the Postal Service and mailin industry. This is where you will find details beyond what you have seen in the latest news or Federal Register proposed rule changes to help you futher understand the nature and impacts of actions being discussed. You can find Postal and Industry presentations or videos or links to sites that discuss the strategic and tactical plans and business resons for them.

NAPM Committees – The NAPM uses various committees made up by our members to work on efforts specific to our membership and relevant to our industry segment. For more about our NAPM committees please refer to our Committees page.