Not Your Grandfather's NAPM...

NAPM has Come a Long Way...Have You Checked us Out Lately?

Since its formation over 25 years ago, NAPM has evolved from a group that used to be primarily comprised of "presort” mailers to the NAPM of today — a group that includes both businesses that provide commingle/comail services as well as suppliers and service providers within the commingle/comail industry.

This is "not your grandfather’s” NAPM, as they say. We’ve changed, our membership has grown and become more diverse, and the benefits we offer have also evolved and grown to meet the needs of our members.  The biggest thing NAPM members have in common is an interest in commingle/comail and shipping services, and a desire to be proactive in shaping the environment for using mail and parcels in the future.

If your business offers comail/commingle services or is a supplier to our industry, NAPM membership will benefit your business. Whether your business is a supplier or service provider within the commingle/comail industry, NAPM members include your peers or your customer base. Our membership represents a significant percentage of the businesses producing commercial commingle/comail and that volume represents a significant portion of the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) total mail volume. That means that the USPS listens to and works with NAPM and its members.

We work hard to protect affordable postal prices and discounts and stay at the forefront of the changes and innovations happening within the postal industry so our members can focus on what they do best -- running their business.

Take a few minutes to look over the information about NAPM on our site, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone, email, or social media, with any questions you may have.

Our Members

NAPM has a diverse set of members, including Mail Service Providers (MSPs) that offer commingle/presort services for letters, flats and parcels; as well as Vendor members who supply equipment, software, and solutions to the industry.  We also have Contributing members who are those who don't fit into our MSP or Vendor categories but want to stay informed on USPS and industry issues. Within each of these membership categories, NAPM's membership consists of businesses of all sizes -- ranging from small businesses with one location to huge businesses with locations across the U.S.  Our members provide a wide variety of services and products, dealing with all aspects of the mail and parcel industries.  Whatever type and size business yours is, if you have an interest in this industry, we have a membership category for you!   Come home to NAPM, and be part of a great network of businesses just like yours!  No other association does postal like we do!

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Our Work

NAPM works to keep mail affordable, efficient, and valuable for both senders and recipients.  We also work to keep our members' businesses successful and profitable.  We have a wide variety of member services designed to support these missions.  At the end of the day, it's all about helping our members succeed.  We do that both at the industry level as well as at the member level, with services that range from industry advocacy and collaboration in support of policies that benefit our members, to offering assistance or acting as liaison with individual members on their postal issues.  We provide our members with the latest news and information they need to operate in an increasingly complex environment of postal rules and regulations, and we also work closely with the U.S. Postal Service on development of programs and processes that benefit our members.  Our member Annual Conference is the best in the industry, providing members a relaxed environment to learn, network, and share. Our webinars connect members directly with USPS representatives in charge of programs and processes, providing them education, information, and the opportunity to raise specific issues.  Our committees work to improve postal programs, operations, identify best practices, and ensure our members have all the tools necessary to succeed.  And there's much more...

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