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Welcome to the National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM)!

Since its formation over 25 years ago, NAPM has evolved from a group that used to be primarily comprised of "presort” mailers to the NAPM of today — a group that includes both businesses that use mail and all types of suppliers and service providers within the mail industry, including comminglers, presorters, printers, lettershops, mail owners, data processing providers and other mailing industry supply chain businesses.  NAPM members work not just with First-Class Mail, but with Marketing Mail and packages -- all mail classes, all shapes!

This is "not your grandfather’s” NAPM, as they say.  We’ve changed, our membership has grown and become more diverse, and the benefits we offer have also evolved and grown to meet the needs of our members.

The biggest thing NAPM members have in common is an interest in mail and a desire to be proactive in shaping the environment for using mail in the future.  

Whatever type of mail your business is using, and for whatever purpose, NAPM membership will benefit your business.  Whether your business is a supplier or service provider within the mail industry, NAPM members include your peers or your customer base.  Our membership represents a significant percentage of the businesses producing commercial commingle/comail and that volume represents a significant portion of the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) total mail volume. That means that the USPS listens to and works with NAPM and its members.  

We work hard to protect affordable postal prices and discounts and stay at the forefront of the changes and innovations happening within the postal industry so our members can focus on what they do best -- running their business.

Take a few minutes to look over the information about NAPM on our site, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone, email, or social media, with any questions you may have.

To hear from some of our members directly why they belong to NAPM, check out our member testimonials page.  If you want to be put in touch with one of our existing members to hear more about why they belong to NAPM, contact us (see below for contact info) and we'd be glad to connect you!

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How NAPM Can Help Your Business


Networking. In today’s hectic business environment, relationships are key. NAPM provides a variety of networking opportunities for its members to  connect, collaborate, and share information and solutions to their business problems. Our members regularly ask questions and get real world  experience and advice from other experts in the industry. Our strong alliance provides a diverse and insightful variety of members.

Advocacy. Together our voice is stronger, and NAPM is recognized by USPS decision makers and other key industry members. We advocate for our members interests at the USPS, at the PRC, and with others. We advance industry positions that help shape decisions regarding pricing and workshare opportunities.

Postal Solutions. Through our industry relationships and our knowledge of postal requirements and business processes, there is a broad spectrum of support to assist you with your business or postal issues. Whether you are a presort bureau, process your mail in house, or are a supplier/ service provider to the mailing industry, NAPM represents your interests and can help with postal solutions.

Member Support and Education. NAPM keeps its members current with the latest information from the USPS, industry associations, federal agencies and Capitol Hill on initiatives and industry changes. We offer a variety of informational and educational forums and communication vehicles to help members understand and be positioned for changes to rules, processes and policy.


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You can contact NAPM by phone, email or the online form available on this web site (click on "Contact Us" on the bar at the bottom of the page).   

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