Board of Directors

The NAPM Board of Directors consists of ten (10) members, nine (9) of whom (the "Elected Directors”) are elected by the voting membership. Elected Directors serve a term of three years or until a successor is elected. The terms of the Directors are staggered so that three (3) of the nine elected directors are elected each year. The Executive Director of the Association shall be a non-voting, ex officio, member of the Board of Directors. A non-voting At Large Board member is selected by the Board of Directors.

Board Members


Rich Gebbie

Mid-West Presort Mailing Services

2222 W. 110th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44102-3512

Ph: 216-251-2500 Fax: 216-251-2577 Cell: 216-469-2955

e-mail: [email protected]

1st Vice President

Steve Krejcik

PB Presort Services

3605 Forest Ave

Brookfield, IL 60513-1603

Ph: 708-485-4764 Cell: 708-508-4764

                                       e-mail:  [email protected]

2nd Vice President

Mark Kolb

United Mailing Services

3625 N 126th Street

Brookfield, WI 53005

e-mail:  [email protected]



Jamie Freeman

TC Delivers

8879 Boggy Creek Road

Orlando, FL 32824-7911

Ph: 407-855-8262 Fax: 407-855-4457 Cell: 407-509-7109

e-mail:  [email protected]



Brian Bowers

Imaginology International LLC

1901 Buckingham Road
Mundelein IL  60060

Ph:  847-423-7510   Fax:  847-423-7503  Cell:  847-612-6223

 email:  [email protected]


Don Caddy

Engineering Innovation Inc

P O Box 5685

Lafayette IN 47903-5685

Ph: :  765-807-0699  Fax:  765-807-0505  Cell:  765-491-7855

e-mail: [email protected] 


Sean Gebbie

Midwest Direct

2222 W. 110th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44102-3512

Ph: 412-322-7100  e-mail: [email protected]


Michelle Zalewski

ALG Worldwide 

1053 North Schmidt Road

Romeoville, Illinois 60446-1181

Ph:  (262) 477-1422  

e-mail:  [email protected] 

 At Large Directors

Angelo Anagnostopoulos

Vice President, Postal Affairs

GrayHair Software  

34370 S Miner Road

Red Rock Arizona 85145

Ph:  (856( 924-2208

e-mail:  [email protected]

Adam Scott

Sr. Director, Postal Initiatives

Pitney Bowes Presort Services

8551 Westside Industrial Drive, Suite 7
Jacksonville, Florida 32219

Ph:  402-935-3807

e-mail:  [email protected]

Executive Director & CEO

Bob Galaher

PO Box 3552

Annapolis, MD 21403-3552

Ph: 877-620-6276 Cell: 410-991-5687

e-mail:  [email protected]  

Assistant Executive Director

Kathy Siviter

6425 Spring Terrace

Falls Church VA  22042-3118

Ph: 703-237-1740  FAX 703-995-0696

e-mail: [email protected]

 Member Support Services

Andy Phillips

PO Box 3552

Annapolis, MD 21403-3552

Ph: 800-500-6276 

e-mail: [email protected]


The NAPM Articles of Incorporation

The NAPM Bylaws