Membership Categories

NAPM Association membership is open for all businesses or individuals who regularly use mail as a medium of communications for their business, those that ship parcels, or those who have an interest in the use of USPS commercial mail/shipping products. 

Our memberships are for mail users who prepare their own mailings or use mailing agents to prepare the mailings, mailing agents or service providers who prepare mail for their customers, vendors who provide the technology and equipment to the industry, and those who are interested in understanding or contributing to the changes and advancement of the mailing industry.

We offer three member categories:

  • Commingle Mail Service Provider: Commingle MSP members shall be those firms, corporations or individuals that regularly submit commingled mail to the USPS (mail prepared under Domestic Mail Manual Special Postage Payment Agreement, DMM Section 705);
  • Presort Mail Service Provider / In-Plant / Mail Owner Presenting Own Mailings:  Presort MSP members shall be those firms, corporations or individuals that submit presorted (but not Commingled) mail to the USPS.
  • Vendor: companies who provide technology and equipment for the mailing industry;
  • Contributing: companies and individuals who have an interest in keeping up with Postal Service product, pricing and policy changes and mailing industry trends, or support NAPM objectives but do not fit one of the above categories.

To see our dues schedule for the membership levels within each category, click here

You can also continue to explore our web site for more information. If you need assistance, have questions or want additional information you can contact any of our NAPM staff at 800-500-6276, or by email: [email protected][email protected], or [email protected].