Our Mission

What we do

The NAPM plays a significant role in representing the interest of our membership to the executive management of the US Postal Service, the Postal Regulatory Commission and appropriate members of Congress. We do this through direct interaction, written filings and communications, and collaboration with other industry associations and advocates.

NAPM in 2024 established the following Core Values for the association:

  • Caring.  NAPM values all members regardless of size, and advocates on behalf of their interests.
  • Forward Thinking.  NAPM is focused on collaborative innovation and problem-solving for its members.
  • Fun.  NAPM provides opportunities for members to network, collaborate, and have fun!
  • Integrity.  NAPM fosters the exchange of information and ideas in a respectful and trusting environment
  • Commitment to our industry.  NAPM promotes a healthy mailing industry though collaboration, and supports the need for a national public postal service. 

NAPM works through member committees, our Board of Directors, and staff to:

  • Work collaboratively with the U.S. Postal Service and the mailing industry.
  • Advocate on behalf of our members regarding legislative, regulatory, or Postal policies and regulations affecting the commingle/comail industry.
  • Develop and improve USPS worksharing programs to produce cost savings and services that benefits commingle/comail providers and the USPS.
  • Promote professional and ethical business practices among members.
  • Provide a forum for education and member networking on latest industry trends and regulations.
  • Provide information and services that help our members enhance and grow their business, including the newly introduced NAPM University which is designed to provide member companies with operations training and education.

The NAPM differentiates itself from other associations in that we work both on the broader postal policy and regulatory level but also on issues related to daily operations for commingle/comail providers as well as innovations to help our members grow their businesses.