NAPM's 2024 Dues Schedule

 Dues Payment:

NAPM dues are assessed annually on a calendar year basis. We appreciate payment of dues by Dec 31st of each calendar year to ensure uninterrupted continuation of NAPM membership benefits.

Questions concerning dues payment options, tax exempt status, or general membership questions should be directed to NAPM at (800) 500-6276 or by email to [email protected] 


Dues Schedule Categories

Commingle/Comail Mail Service Provider (CMSP):  Commingle/Comail MSP members shall be those firms, corporations or individuals that have presort equipment and regularly submit commingled mail/comail for other entities to the USPS. To calculate your annual mail volume, use the total volume of all mail your business submitted to the USPS for the previous calendar year, including all letters and flats sent by First-Class Mail, Periodicals, and USPS Marketing Mail, and all parcels. This provides the annual mail volume amount to determine the appropriate annual dues category (see Commingle/Comail Mail Service Provider Dues Schedule).  

Multi-site Option:  A commingle/comail company with multiple sites may select either: Option (1) enroll each site as a member separately, and pay dues based on each site's annual mail volume, in which case each site will be entitled to one vote, or Option (2) join once and pay dues based on the total volume of all sites combined plus the Multi-site fee for each location (unless the member's combined annual volume from all sites is less than 25 million pieces). The below shows two examples of how multi-site options can be applied:

Example:  Company A has 4 sites with annual volumes of 80 million, 60 million, 40 million and 30 million pieces

Option 1:   Each site joins as a separate member, dues for each based on the site’s average daily volume, and each site is entitled to one vote.  Dues per site are $7,777 (80 million pcs), $4,609 (60 million pcs), $3,036 (40 million pcs), and $3,036 (30 million pcs).  Total dues = $18,458 (and 4 separate votes)

Option 2:  Company joins as one member with 3 additional sites (total of one vote).  Dues are $10,934 (210 million total pcs) plus $750 for each of the additional 3 sites ($2,250).  Total dues = $13,184 (one vote)

Commingle/Comail MSP companies electing to pay dues under the example shown in Option 1, should complete a separate Membership Application for each site and pay the applicable dues for each site based on the Dues Schedule.  Commingle/Comail MSP companies electing to pay dues under Option 2 should complete one Membership Application and pay dues and the additional site fee as described above. 

Vendor: Individuals or firms that manufacture and/or sell equipment, systems, or services used by the mailing industry may join as a Vendor Member.  Such members are entitled to one vote on all issues and elections and may be a member of the Board of Directors, if elected.  To determine the correct dues category, calculate the annual sales generated for your business for all Postal supply chain-related sales (products or services utilized by customers to perform commercial mail related activities) for the previous calendar year. 

SupportingSupporting Members shall be those firms, corporations or individuals who      1) do not qualify for membership under the Commingle/Comail MSP or Vendor Member Categories, and 2) do not offer services that compete with those offered by the Association, and 3) are interested in the advancement of the commingle/comail industry and support the Association in meeting its core values.  Supporting Members do not have voting privileges and are not eligible for election to the Board of Directors or as Officers of the Association.  Supporting Members do not receive full NAPM membership benefits, as defined by the Board of Directors. For 2024, Supporting Member benefits include access to quarterly NAPM MTAC webinars and other NAPM webinars by invitation, regular informational emails, and access to unrestricted areas of the NAPM website. Dues are $1000 annually, and additional contributions are always greatly appreciated.