Political and Election Mail


Many NAPM members already provide products/services around Political Mail and some provide products/services around Election Mail.  Both represent growth opportunity areas for Mail Service Providers and Suppliers -- and not just for the 2020 elections, but for years to come!

Political Mail vs. Election Mail -- What's the Difference? 

  • Official Election Mail --any item mailed to or from authorized elections officials that enables citizens to vote
  • Political Mail --any material mailed for campaign purposes by a registered political candidate, campaign committee, or committee of a political party. 
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NAPM’s Guidance on Things to Consider

NAPM strongly advises its members to proceed with caution in offering election mail services if they have not done so in the past.  Reach out to some of our members who have provided such services for years and gained the necessary experience and expertise for guidance.  There can be much risk and liability associated with election mail errors, not to mention unwanted press if things go wrong.  Processing ballots also can require significant investment in specialized equipment.  There are less risky services around election mail that members lacking experience with election mail may want to start out with, such as mailing services for voter education materials, voter registration/address cards, polling place notifications, etc.

Political mail, however, is a great opportunity that all should add to their offerings.  While there can be some differences in Political Mail processes vs. other First-Class Mail or Marketing Mail pieces (e.g., special STIDs, info in eDoc to identify political mail, tagging of trays/sacks, etc.), it is a growing and successful form of campaign outreach and typically has much less risk and equipment investment than election mail.